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danju_janto's Journal

DanJu and Janto Fanfiction and art
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Ianto/Jack, Daniel/Julian Fanfiction and art
This is about my our little obsessions over certain people and tv shows, which inspire me us to write and play with pictures.

DanJu? That would be Daniel Küblböck and Julian Casablancas (The Strokes). We met in a RPG and they fell in love and we fell for the pairing...

Janto? Captain Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones from the British TV show Torchwood. A great couple <3

There is more than those two pairings, but when you open a creative journal it needs a nice name and one you can identify with, so...that's why danju_janto. :)

Torchwood Screencaps from The Institute

wastexyourxtime's Daniel/Julian prompt tables here and here.
x_good_time_x's Daniel/Julian prompt table here Jack/Ianto prompt table here