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13 September 2009 @ 07:31 pm
Fanfic: My Torchwood Season 4  
Title: My Torchwood Season 4 - Part 13/13
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Johnson, Captain John Hart, Bryden, Jonathan Daniel (Original Characters) , The Doctor (Eleven), other characters
Rating: Adult for the whole thing
Authors notes: My season 4 of Torchwood.
Sequel to Being Human.
Warnings: Spoilers for CoE.
Disclaimer: They belong to the BBC and other’s I don’t want to mention…
Beta wastexyourxtime

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Summary: Will Bryden and Jonathan find a way to come back and does Bryden even want to if they do? John is being exposed. Will Jack and Ianto have a happy ending for once?

Special thanks to wastexyourxtime for being always encouraging, sometimes kicking my ass (when I don't want to post my stuff...) and for always commenting :)

Jonathan eyed all the food suspiciously and was so glad that Bryden knew what everything was. Nothing was in the forms he was used to! Everything was so…colourful and the food was either mushy or it was quadratic. Nothing else…
And the food was only one of the many things that was so weird and that scared him a little.

They sat down at a table and Jonathan was surprised that the things he had chosen tasted pretty good. He had some form of broccoli mush and fish he had never heard of. Bryden had told him it was fish from another planet. A planet, the name he had already forgotten.

Bryden was slightly amused, she’d been suspicious of 21st century food at first too. They talked but they both avoided the topic of leaving, even when Jonathan wanted to do nothing more than beg her to come back with him.

He was sure now that he’d be able to get over his stupid prejudices…He just couldn’t say it to her…not when they sat in the middle of a restaurant with cats walking around…people who looked like trees and little robots cleaning the tables. Bloody coward, that’s what you are Jo…


Jack smiled when he read the message.

“They are both fine and it looks like The Doctor was right. Future, 31st century, which means things are different but Bryden should know her way around and it’s a peaceful time….Cat’s have been travelling to earth for a hundred years already…rides to other planets…for holidays or just for a day to visit your friends from the planet T996…”

Jack stopped and got a dreamy even longing look on his face for a moment, which made Ianto feel a little sad.

“Wish I could go with you to see the things you’re describing…” Jack looked at him and smiled. “When Bryden and Jonathan are back…maybe we could go on a little holiday with The Doctor?”

Ianto raised an eyebrow. “Sure you’d want that…still?” Jack frowned slightly and then shrugged. “No…Yeah…Some day…” he said quietly and Ianto nodded, understanding what Jack was implying.

“Would be a long time for me, but for you just a blink… Will you come back…visit my grave…oh no - the morgue?” Jack frowned and took a deep breath. “If you want a grave and a lot of roses, you’ll get that.” Ianto felt the need to make things light again, even though he didn’t really feel like it. “If you play Candle in the Wind at my funeral, I’ll haunt you forever.” Jack laughed but thought that he wouldn’t mind being haunted by Ianto for all eternity. He would be haunted by his memory anyway…

Damn, that’s the thing when you need someone… you don’t know what to do when they’re gone….

Jack shook his head and sent a little text to his two lost team members. This time it took only five minutes until the answer came back. “Guess we need the TARDIS now, to get the right coordinates…” Jack said and didn’t really feel like calling The Doctor back to the Hub. John was back from his little mission though and Ianto told him to get the Time Lord.

"Do I look like a bloody butler to you?" John snapped at Ianto and then looked at Jack. "Neither of us have thought about it yet but..." He lifted his arm, so everyone could see his wrist strap and gave Jack a pointed look. "I could just pop there and get them back...it's the easiest solution." Jack shook his head. "That thing isn't exactly the safest option. I'm not risking any more team members. It could burn out somewhere in the middle and you land 100 years too early..."

John interrupted the Captain, grinning at him. "I knew you still cared." He put a hand on his chest and Ianto just sighed, while Jack ignored him completely. "...or on the way back you could land all three of you in the stone age...No. Now go, The Doctor is waiting."

John pouted but went anyway, because he was very curious how that blue box worked.


Amy went for a walk in the TARDIS, when John stepped in. She couldn’t stand the guy and The Doctor and him would talk about stuff she didn’t really understand anyway and the TARDIS was huge and interesting and she discovered new things and rooms all the time!

John looked around and nodded. “Should have realized. Time Lord technology…I owned some pants once that were…” The Doctor interrupted him, thinking once again that this guy was so much worse than Jack…51st century men…well Time Agents. Why they weren’t called The Innuendo Squad, The Doctor didn’t know…it would fit. Mickey Smith had been so right with that. Ah, Mickey… He wondered sometimes how he was doing…what he was doing.

“Anyway… we need to connect some things with the computer in the Hub…” John understood a lot, but the explanation the Time Lord launched into went over his head a bit. He got the part where he had to put this cable into the computer but other than that… “Can’t you just…fly or beam that thing into the Hub?” John asked, not sure that cable would be long enough and also it would be so much simpler!

“Where would be the fun in that?” The Doctor asked, a slightly manic grin on his face, while pushing a huge pile of cable into John’s arms. “What fun…” John mumbled and rolled his eyes. Before he could leave the TARDIS The Doctor called his name and smiled slightly when John looked at him.

“You know…you should drop the act, John Hart. Let people in, it really is more fun…It’s a risk, of course it is but…It’s worth it.”

The TARDIS door opened and John walked out without another word.


They sat on a bench in a nice little park, the sun shining on their faces…it was nice and Jonathan felt a little light headed when he looked at Bryden. Because of the sun her eyes were shining, the bluest blue he’d ever seen…her hair seemed to glow and he knew…he’d have to do…say something soon.

Bryden caught him looking and smiled when Jonathan looked a little startled for a moment. “What is it?” She asked quietly and he shook his head. “I…was just thinking…you look pretty good.” She looked away. “It’s just a form.” She said, feeling a little disappointed and Jonathan wanted to kick himself. “No, but…it fits you…it does…Bryden, you’re…”

The device beeped in her lap making both of them jump and also made Jonathan curse mentally. Worst. Timing. Ever. “We’re supposed to go back to the space ship station…Jack says the portal should open there in fifteen minutes…”

Jonathan smiled but knew that fifteen minutes were possibly not enough to convince Bryden to come with him…


John had put in the cable, grumbling quietly the whole time but now he was staring at the monitor just as intensely as Jack and Ianto. “This will work, right? Wouldn’t care to mop up their parts when they explode all over the Hub.” Ianto was about to give a snappy comeback, because if anyone did the mopping here, it was him, but John’s worried look and him biting his lip stopped him.

He put a hand on John’s shoulder and the other onto Jack’s. The Captain glanced at both of them. “It’ll be okay…it has to be…” He was nervous too, but for a moment he let himself smile about the other two, who were usually the bicker brother’s or even shouted at each other well that would be more Ianto shouting at John who was amused by it….
Those things didn’t matter anymore in a crisis like this one. They were both worried about their team mates and tried to work together.

“Hey…how are things going?” Now Jack was surprised. Johnson had just walked in and looked cool, like always but she was here. “Ten minutes to go, then we’ll know if The Doctor and ourselves have been right…” He said evenly and took a deep breath. Johnson nodded and then moved to John’s free side.


The Doctor couldn’t help but smile when he watched Team Torchwood on his monitor. They stood together and soon they’d be complete again. “Okay, Jack…remember what we talked about earlier…” The Captain just said “Yes sir.” But the Time Lord had a feeling things were on their way to being alright again…He could hear the slight smile in Jack’s voice, even when he didn’t look at him.

Not that he wasn’t glad, ecstatic even, for Jack’s forgiveness but The Doctor thought sometimes, that Jack was too forgiving to the people he loved…


They stood in the positions they were supposed to and Jonathan felt sick to his stomach. He wasn’t worried that something would happen to him, but the thought of leaving Bryden behind… “You really don’t wanna come back?” He asked quietly.

Bryden gave him a look and thought that he shouldn’t worry so much about travelling back. He would probably be less hurt than he was on the way to here… “I’ll miss all of you, but…I could go back home…where I belong.”

“Well, I get that…wantin’ to go home but…is there nothin’ that could convince ya to…I mean the team needs ya, you’re a genius and we all…we’d miss you so much…”

Bryden frowned slightly and then looked away. “I’ll miss you too, but…” She had suddenly enough of the hot…well lukewarm and cold game. “Jonathan, what are you trying to say?” He swallowed down hard. “Bryden…”

That was when the portal opened. Bloody fucking hell! “Come with me, please?” He asked and stretched out his hand. They had only a minute and Bryden looked torn. “I don’t know…” She said quietly and made a step back.

Jonathan just reacted on instinct now, grabbing her arm, pulling her close. He kissed her hard and poured all his emotions in, that had bottled up over the last months since he had got to know her. At the same time, he stepped back slowly – Into the portal with Bryden in his arms…


The team plus The Doctor were staring at the point where the portal was supposed to open and then all turned around, when they heard a thump behind them. Bryden and Jonathan had just fallen out of a shimmering gate, embraced and…kissing. Jack blinked at the picture but it changed rapidly.

Bryden opened her eyes, pushed Jonathan’s shoulder and struggled to free herself so she could get up. The whole team and some young guy in tweed were staring and she felt embarrassed. “Bry…?” Jonathan was up now as well and reaching out for her. “I know…you wanted me to come back, but you didn’t have to do that…”

Her voice was shaking slightly and she wasn’t sure if she was sadder because she lost her necklace and wouldn’t even be able to go home or because Jonathan had used her affection for him like that, to bring her back. They’d find another ‘genius’ easily…

Then they were swept off their feet and almost crushed in bear hugs. They all were so happy to have them back and Jack was the only one who noticed that Bryden’s heart was breaking…


Jonathan tried to talk to Bryden but things were kind of busy, since everyone had questions and then they’d realized who the weird looking bloke in tweed and boots was and…yeah. Especially Bryden perked up at that.

“I could take you with me, if you really want to go back home. Think about it, I’m here for another couple of hours…” He smiled and whispered something into her ear, which made her look thoughtful again….


Jack and Ianto had decided to take a short time out. They stood on the roof of the Millennium Centre with Ianto in front of Jack, wrapped in the Captain’s arms. Ianto was leaning back into Jack and they just let the wind sweep everything away…

They smiled.


It was a day later when Jack stood in his office and watched his team, wondering about the gates. Because of all the happiness no one was asking about them anymore. About where the gates had come from, who had made those and why they were gone now...


Will Bryden go with The Doctor? Will Jack and Ianto keep standing strong with each other against everything and everyone? Has Gwen lost her memory forever? How much power do nightmares have? Why is Ianto so scared of three little words and why does he never mention his mother? Will Jonathan be able to find out what is wrong with John, before the team loses yet another member?

Those are a few of the questions I wonder about, the things I want to write about. Do you want ‘My season 5’? Let me know…

Dun dun dun dun dun
Strangers x To x Impress: jackjohnwastexyourxtime on September 13th, 2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
♥ Love it! Nice image of Janto on the roof <3 And I want all of those questions answered! Plz.

x_good_time_x: janntox_good_time_x on September 13th, 2009 05:46 pm (UTC)
I'll write just for you then I guess ;) But will do so gladly, yep :D x
gottabefierce: Handsgottabefierce on September 13th, 2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
I think you so should do season five...in fact I demand it of you:). Please do a season five so that we can answer the questions and have more Ianto/Jack. I have so enjoyed your season 4 and know that it's so much better then what's probably going to come up in the real season 4:).
x_good_time_x: glowing danx_good_time_x on September 13th, 2009 06:08 pm (UTC)
Oh not only one reader then *lol*
From what I've got running through my head I think season 5 will be a special event with 5 episodes...yeah. Just without all the death. Probably. ;)
Thank you very much :)
hopperb08hopperb08 on September 13th, 2009 05:59 pm (UTC)
I'd quite like a series 5!!! lol. That was awesome! Thanks
x_good_time_x: 858x_good_time_x on September 13th, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
Thank you :D
felmyst on September 13th, 2009 09:12 pm (UTC)
That was wonderful! I just read the entire fic..season 5 is a definite must! I think you let gwen off to easy....lol..
x_good_time_x: dan dasing dreamyx_good_time_x on September 15th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
remuslives23: wouldnt change this for the worldremuslives23 on September 14th, 2009 07:10 am (UTC)
Yes, S5 please! *puppy dog eyes*
x_good_time_x: Janto <3x_good_time_x on September 15th, 2009 03:52 pm (UTC)
Will see what I can do ;) Thanks!
Pirogoeth: Blip in Timeav_chick on September 14th, 2009 05:54 pm (UTC)
Totally needs a season 5. That was great! More more more!!! :)
x_good_time_x: gdl mmx_good_time_x on September 15th, 2009 03:53 pm (UTC)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! :D